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FAA Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center, OK

Facilities Operations and Maintenance Services (JV – Southwest Facility Support, LLC)


  • Provide facilities support to over 170+ Government-owned and –leased buildings and structures at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center (MMAC) in Oklahoma City, OK.

  • Main functions include maintenance, repair, operation, and modification/alteration of buildings, utility systems, structures, mechanical and electrical equipment systems, water treatment program, security systems, computers, elevators, pest control, fire suppression, fire detection systems, hazardous waste transfer, warehouse automation equipment, radio paging and/or communications devices, Government-owned vehicles/scooters, aviation ground equipment, generators and internal/exterior building lights.

  • Responsible for managing and implementing a comprehensive preventive maintenance program that will sustain installed equipment at the highest possible operational level to preclude premature failure of components, extend equipment life, keep equipment at design level of operation and efficiency and at optimum cost.

  • Perform maintenance and repairs to buildings, equipment, facilities and systems via a trouble call system. Types of trouble calls include lighting, mechanical, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, structural, locks, door hardware, security systems, security cameras, fire alarm systems, and communication repeaters, and miscellaneous items.

  • Perform repair and preventive maintenance of vehicles (over 150), warehouse forklifts, scooters, and other types of warehouse lifting equipment at MMAC and other leased facilities. Also responsible for repair and preventive maintenance of Aviation Systems Standards (AVNs) forklifts, scooters, aircraft ground power equipment (AGE) and flight line equipment.

  • Responsible for complete care of approximately 1,200 acres of grounds (fine cut, rough cut, irrigation, flower bed maintenance, etc.) at the MMAC complex.

  • Provide an onsite Supply/Logistic function in support of the maintenance, repair, operation and modification/alteration of the MMAC facilities.

  • Provide an Estimating Section with qualified Electrical, Mechanical and Carpentry professionals in support of facility and real property alteration and modification work. This work includes constructing new buildings, putting in parking lots, equipment installation and performing alterations to existing facility buildings.

  • Provides a complete ISO 9001-compliant Quality Control Program to assure work requirements of the contract are provided as specified. Program includes a robust inspection system and corrective action system (including root cause analysis) to ensure quality services are delivered

  • Provides an ISO 18001-compliant Occupational Safety and Health Program that mirrors the FAA's processes and procedures in effect at MMAC.

  • Provides an ISO 14001-compliant Environmental Management Program at MMAC. Provides oversight management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste/safety programs and provides environmental and safety assessments for the AMP-300 O&M Division.

  • Maintains a Safety and Health Plan to meet contract requirements as well as OSHA, Federal and State rules and regulations.