30 Aug 2016:

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Women owned Small Business (WOSB)

CA Supplier Clearinghouse (WBE)

Former SBA 8(A)Certified Participant

Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB)




Sheppard AFB, TX

Sheppard AFB Aircraft Maintenance Services


  • Monitors and controls Repair Cycle Management (RCM) government-furnished property. Ensures the RCM functions are compliant with AETC 21-101.

  • Processes requests for parts and ensures that all supply assets in the repair cycle are returned in a timely manner.

  • Monitors management of DIFM asset processing through the repair cycle and is the focal point for rectifying DIFM problems with RCSS.

  • Maintains, troubleshoots and repairs ventilation, air conditioning, heating systems and refrigeration’s systems trainers.

  • Reviews and analyzes MIS and SBSS repair cycle data products and monitors asset repair cycle time through MIS.

  • Expeditiously moves all repaired, NRTS or condemned assets in the repair cycle to the next work center or RCSS. Picks up and delivers parts throughout the complex.

  • Monitors condition of assigned RCM Consolidated Tool Kit Listings and orders replacement, as required.
  • Marks and maintains tools, as required. Controls and secures a minimum amount of replacement tools within the work areas.

  • Ensures items due in from maintenance are processed within the time periods allotted.

  • Receives and schedules all local manufactured assets through MIS.

  • Checks vehicles daily executing operator’s checklist to ensure safe and timely delivery of parts.

  • Assists RCSS and work center on the semiannual supply point reconciliation, as required.

  • Participates in and ensures compliance with established FOD prevention, housekeeping, tool control, environmental and safety programs.