About Us

About Us

Founded in October 2001, DenMar Services, Inc. (DenMar) is a closely-held corporation headquartered in Lawton, OK. DenMar is a woman-owned, small business with extensive work experience and expertise in the U. S. Government service contracting business.

DenMar principals, Ms. Marquetta (Quetta) Fritsch and Mr. Dennis Holland collectively bring over eighty (80) years of contract management experience in the Government services contracting business from previous employment positions supporting both large and small Government service contractors. This extensive business experience served as the fundamental foundation in forming DenMar Services, Inc.

In addition to the DenMar principals, our DenMar Corporate includes Mr. Darren Womack, responsible for Program Management and Contract Performance. Mr. Womack brings in over thirty (30) plus years of hands on experience in Facility Operation and Maintenance, IT Infrastructure/Communication development, Subcontract Management and Construction Management.

Since inception, DenMar has been successful in bidding, winning, and managing over of Forty (40) plus Government services contracts ranging from three to seven years in terms with options and employing contract employees ranging from 1 to 200 plus.

DenMar has served as Prime contractor, Subcontractor, and Joint Ventures Managing Partner (51% ownership).

Corporate Philosophy

DenMar foundation values include providing quality services and providing a qualified and motivated work force. We strive to create an attitude of “Can Do, Will Do, and Must Do” work atmosphere of “teamwork” and a commitment to excellence! DenMar principals believe and practice employees are the single most important resource in the U.S. Government service business. They contribute directly to the success of the team and they are to be treated as a partner and with the utmost respect and dignity.